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  • Grand Coulee Dam Charges Ahead with Electric Vehicles

    “These cars are great looking. They look like a cross between a Jeep, a Hummer,” says Deputy Power Manager Doug Anderson from behind the wheel. Anderson is proud of the 27 electric utility trucks purchased by the Bureau of Reclamation for use at Grand Coulee Dam this fall. The EUVs, as they’re known, are driving a green car pilot project that delivers low-maintenance, zero emissions utility vehicles for use at the giant power complex in northeast Washington State. Read More →

  • Photo of Navajo Generating Station by Alex Proimos from Sydney, Australia

    Reclamation Finalizes Agreement with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the Phase II Study related to the Navajo Generating Station

    Reclamation’s Lower Colorado Regional Office announced that it has executed an Interagency Agreement with the Department of Energy (DOE) that will provide funding for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to conduct the Phase II Study for future operation of the Navajo Generating Station (NGS). This agreement is part of the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) work with the NGS Joint Federal Agency Working Group (JFAWG) consisting of DOI, DOE, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “This new funding agreement obligates more than $2 million dollars to NREL to implement the DOI’s commitments to identify potential long-term options for transitioning the federal share of energy generated at the NGS to lower-emitting energy options such as wind, solar and natural gas,” said Kevin Black, NGS Energy Development Program Manager for Reclamation. “The scope of the agreement also obligates funding for development of a carbon reduction and clean energy development guide and technical assistance to the tribal nations affected by future operational changes at the NGS.” Read More →

  • WaterSMART Funding Opportunity Now Available for Title XVI Authorized Projects

    WaterSMART Funding Opportunity Graphic

    The Bureau of Reclamation is seeking applications from congressionally authorized sponsors of Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse projects for cost-shared funding to plan, design or construct their projects. The funding opportunity is part of Reclamation's activity under the Department of the Interior's WaterSMART initiative, which focuses on improving water conservation, sustainability and helping water resource managers make sound decisions about water use. This year, Reclamation anticipates providing funding for 5-10 projects. The funding opportunity is available at by searching funding opportunity number R16-FOA-DO-003. Proposals must be submitted as indicated in the application packet by 4 p.m., Mountain Standard Time, Dec. 10, 2015. It is anticipated that awards will be made this spring. Read More →

  • WaterSMART Grants Bring Success for Oregon Irrigation District

    With a light touch on a touch screen panel Bureau of Reclamation Deputy Commissioner Dionne Thompson fired up a 700k turbine at Three Sisters Irrigation District in Central Oregon last Friday. Within seconds, the turbine began generating power signaling the completion of a multi-phase water conservation project. The ribbon cutting ceremony held at the Watson Hydropower Facility 25 miles north of Bend, Ore., was a symbolic moment for Three Sisters Irrigation District (TSID) which spent the past two decades modernizing their irrigation system largely through WaterSMART water conservation grant funding. Read More →

  • NWRA Keynote Speech

    Commissioner Estevan López gave the keynote speech at the National Water Resources Association 84th Annual Conference in Denver on November 6, 2015. Read More →


Projects & Places

Recreation & Public Use

Reclamation Recreation Map Reclamation Land Use

The public may apply to use Reclamation land, facilities, and waterbodies, and may engage in the use only after proper authorization is received from Reclamation. Use authorizations are not required for permitted public recreational use of recreation areas and facilities open to the public. Read More →

Reclamation Recreation Map Reclamation Recreation Website

Reclamation projects have created a variety of recreation opportunities on the rivers downstream from the dams, including world class whitewater rafting and fishing opportunities. Read More →

Reclamation Recreation Map helps you discover and book trips at Reclamation facilities and at all of America's public places. Read More →

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Reclamation is still in the implementation phase of a new web design for it's external internet websites. The new design utilizes a responsive layout to make the Bureau's web pages more user friendly on mobile devices. The thousands of existing Reclamation web pages will be converted over the coming months. During the interim period, you may find pages in the previous format. We appreciate your patience as we complete this process.

Statement of Project Construction Cost and Repayment Statements Are Available from Reclamation

Reclamation has been accumulating construction cost and repayment data since the first reimbursable project began and created the Statement of Project Construction Cost and Repayment (SPCCR) to capture cost and repayment data by project, for internal use only. However, these are now available by request. Read More →

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