• Lake Mead Levels to Drop to Historic Lows
  • Hoover Dam Fire Brigade focuses on protecting, rescuing facility workers
  • Prehistoric Elephant Excavated near Elephant Butte Reservior
  • New Laser Light Show at Grand Coulee Dam
Lake Mead Levels to Drop to Historic Lows1 Hoover Dam Fire Brigade focuses on protecting, rescuing facility workers2 Prehistoric Elephant Excavated near Elephant Butte Reservior3 Laser Light Show4
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Title screenshot from Bureau of Reclamation Stakeholders Meeting on 7/16/14 Deputy Secretary of the Interior Michael Connor and Reclamation Eastern Colorado Area Office Manager Jaci Gould meeting with U.S. Forest Service, Colorado State Forest Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.
Deputy Secretary Connor Announces Additional Funding for Colorado Projects Designed to Reduce Risk to Local Water Supplies from Wildland Fires - As part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon pollution while better preparing the nation for the impacts of climate, like longer, hotter and drier wildfire seasons, Deputy Secretary of the Interior Michael Connor today visited northern Colorado to see firsthand the efforts to protect the Colorado-Big Thompson Project water system, and announce an additional $187,500 for Colorado-area projects. His visit comes one year after a key partnership was announced to protect the important watershed area from the effects of wildfire. More...

Logos for Climate and Hydrology Projections PartnersReclamation and Partners Release New Hydrologic Projections for Contiguous United States - The Bureau of Reclamation has released new hydrologic projections that will help local water managers answer questions about future climate, stream flow and water resources. This new scientific data uses the updated World Climate Research Program climate projections that have been scaled to a finer resolution (downscaled) for water management decision support systems. "Reclamation is helping water managers prepare for the impacts of climate change with the release of this information, supporting the President's Climate Action Plan," Acting Reclamation Commissioner Lowell Pimley said. "Researchers and planners can use these future climate and hydrology projections to assess societal impacts and explore adaptation options." The new hydrology projections are available here. More information is available in the News Release

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Weekly Video from Interior - This Week at Interior for July 25, 2014. A new video will be posted each week from the Department of the Interior featuring activities of the Department and it's bureaus. Click the video above to play or go to the DOI YouTube Site.


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