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09/2012 North American Journal of Fisheries Management, Biology, Status, and Management of the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout PDF 572 kb
11/2011 Ecological Streamflow Needs in the Henry's Fork Watershed PDF 572 kb
07/2010 Continuation of Monitoring in Egin, Idaho: Recharge Experiment Fall 2008 through Spring 2010 PDF 2.36 mb
03/2009 Bureau of Land Management Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Report PDF 2.45 mb
01/2009 Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Comprehensive Aquifer Management Plan HTML
06/2008 Analysis of the 2007 Post Season Recharge Using the Northside Canal PDF 6.26 mb
05/2008 Biological Assessment for Bureau of Reclamation Operations and Maintenance in the Snake River Basin above Brownlee Reservoir HTML
06/2007 Recharge of the Snake Plain Aquifer: Transitioning from Incidental to Managed”
Journal of the American Water Resources Association, Vol. 35 No. 1, June 2007 HTML
12/2006 Teton River Canyon Resource Management Plan, EA, and FONSI HTML
07/2006 Enhanced Snake Plain Aquifer Model Final Report PDF 482 kb
02/2006 Federal Register Notice: DOI Fish & Wildlife Service 50 CFR Part 17 Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 12-Month Finding for a Petition to List the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout as Threatened PDF 228 kb
12/2004 Surface-Water/Ground-Water Interaction along Reaches of the Snake River and Henrys Fork, Idaho HTML
12/2004 Teton River investigations – Part III: Fish movements and life history
Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Boise, Idaho PDF 3.14 mb
12/2004 Teton River investigations – Part II: Fish population surveys
Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Boise, Idaho PDF 586 kb
12/2004 Teton River Investigations – Part I: Fishery assessment 25 years after Teton Dam
Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Boise, Idaho PDF 2.11 mb
09/2004 Fremont-Madison Irrigation District Title Transfer Environmental Assessment HTML
12/1999 Feasibility of Large-Scale Managed Recharge of the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer System PDF 8.9 mb
04/1999 Description of the IDWR/UI Snake River Plain Aquifer Model (SRPAM) PDF 811 kb
03/1999 Assessment of Needs and Approaches for Evaluating Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions for Hydrologic Units in the Snake River Basin PDF 2.98 mb
12/1996 Teton Basin Project History HTML
12/1996 Idaho State Water Plan PDF 10.2 mb
12/1992 Comprehensive State Water Plan — Henrys Fork Basin HTML
02/1991 Teton Dam Reappraisal Working Document PDF 1.86 mb
03/1985 Technical Completion Report: Ground-water Model Calibration for the Henrys Fork Recharge Area PDF 471 kb
05/1978 Water Resources of the Upper Henrys Fork Basin in Eastern Idaho PDF 6.20 mb
12/1976 State of Idaho, The State Water Plan — Part Two PDF 6.7 mb
02/1975 St. Anthony Pilot Recharge Project 1970-1974 PDF 2.62 mb
07/1971 Teton Dam Environmental Impact Statement PDF 3.9 mb
08/1969 Artificial Recharge to the Snake Plain Aquifer PDF 4.24 mb
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