2007 Biological Assessment for Operations and Maintenance of Reclamation Projects in the Snake River Basin above Brownlee Reservoir

May 2008: NOAA Fisheries has issued final biological opinions for the Federal Columbia River Power System and the Upper Snake projects. NOAA Fisheries finds that, with the actions in the FCRPS Reasonable and Prudent Alternative, salmon and steelhead are on a trend to recovery.

August 2007: Reclamation prepared the 2007 Upper Snake Biological Assessment in response to Oregon U.S. District Judge James Redden's Opinion and Order of Remand to analyze its proposed actions and assist NOAA Fisheries with the preparation of a biological opinion. The 2007 Upper Snake BA builds upon and updates as appropriate information contained in the 2004 Upper Snake BA, incorporating by reference factual information and replacing the analyses in accordance with the Court’s opinion. The Fish and Wildlife Service's 2005 Biological Opinion was not remanded and is still valid.

Please visit www.salmonrecovery.gov for an overview of the FCRPS, access to information about the Court's opinions and remands, and to download additional documents.

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