Third Power Plant G19-G20 Modernization Project

Third Powerplant

The Bureau of Reclamation has issued the final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for modernizing three generators in the Third Power Plant at Grand Coulee Dam. The project is being undertaken to replace generating units G-19 through G-21 that have been in service for 30-years and have surpassed their life expectancy.

The proposed modernization project will provide continued, reliable hydropower production for 40 years or more and will ensure that Reclamation meets its contractual obligations for power generation.

In this EA, the Proposed Action and No Action alternative for any potential environmental impacts were analyzed. The Proposed Action—Third Power Plant Units G19 through G21 modernization with potential for full replacement of major unit systems—was selected. The Proposed Action includes a design-build option for the contractor to provide up to a full component replacement of each generating unit if necessary. Construction work is expected to begin as early as 2023.

The final EA and FONSI were prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act. For more information or to request a copy, please contact Mr. Brian Clark, GCPO-11-2, Bureau of Reclamation, P.O. Box 620, Grand Coulee, WA 99133 or via email at

02/2019 Third Power Plant G19-G21 Modernization Project Final Environmental Assessment PDF 9.17 mb
12/2018 Third Power Plant G19-G21 Modernization Project Draft Environmental Assessment PDF 4.35 mb
05/2010 Third Powerplant Generating Units Overhaul Activities Final EA and FONSI PDF 2.90 mb


Brian Clark
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Bureau of Reclamation
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Last Updated: 5/26/20