Potholes Reservoir Supplemental Feed Route Environmental Assessment

The Bureau of Reclamation has issued a final Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact for the Potholes Reservoir Supplemental Feed Route which will increase the reliability of transporting water from Banks Lake to Potholes Reservoir located about 22 miles south of Ephrata, Washington.

Potholes Reservoir is a key feature of the Columbia Basin Project and serves as the primary source of irrigation water for the South Columbia Basin Irrigation District. Potholes Reservoir water storage has traditionally been supplemented with diversions of "feed water" through the East Low Canal, but it became necessary to find reliable alternatives to supply a portion of the feed water to Potholes Reservoir due to operational changes and system efficiency.

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08/2007 FONSI and Final EA PDF 760 kb
04/2007 Draft Environmental Assessment PDF 652 kb
Technical Memorandum
04/2007 Alternative 2A and 2B: Crab Creek PDF 1.89 mb
  Attachment D: Crab Creek Maps PDF 3.11 mb
  Attachment E: Figures 1-12 PDF 998 kb
  Attachment I: Loan Springs Fish Passage Barrier PDF 379 kb
  Attachment K: Excerpt from Design of Small Dams Publication PDF 366 kb
Technical Memorandum
04/2007 Alternative 3: Frenchman Hills Wasteway PDF 2.76 mb
  Technical Memorandum Alternative B—Frenchman Hills Wasteway (Note: The name of this alternative was changed to Alternative 3 in the Draft Environmental Assessment) PDF 2.75 mb


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Last Updated: 5/22/20