Cayuse Cove Slope Stabilization Project

View of Cayuse Cove Slope Stabilization Cayuse Cove Slope Stabilization Project completion, May 2023.

The Cayuse Cove Slope Stabilization project has been completed. In 2020, NorTerra Services, LLC. began stabilizing the shoreline to halt the bank erosion and prevent inadvertent exposure and loss of sensitive resources. A cellular containment system was installed and reinforced with native shrub and grass plantings. The work was performed in three phases with the final phase—providing about 250 feet of additional shoreline stabilization—concluding in May 2023.

In 2019, the Bureau of Reclamation Grand Coulee Dam Power Office had issued the final environmental assessment and finding of no significant impact for the slope stabilization project at Cayuse Cove on the Spokane Arm of Lake Roosevelt in Lincoln County, Washington.

The final EA analyzed two actions: the Proposed Action (implementing the project, as described above) and a No Action alternative (non-implementation). Reclamation selected the proposed action for implementation. The EA and FONSI were prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act.

05/2019 Cayuse Cove Slope Stabilization Project FONSI and Final EA PDF 3.23 mb
04/2017 Draft EA Cayuse Cove Slope Stabilization PDF 3.51 mb


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