Camper's Cove Resort Final Environmental Assessment and FONSI

The Bureau of Reclamation has completed a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Final Environmental Assessment for the Camper's Cove Resort Lands Encroachment - Rogue River Project. This action, in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, was conducted to resolve unauthorized use of Federal land adjoining the resort located at Hyatt Lake, about 14 miles east of Ashland, Oregon. Action is needed to comply with Federal regulations prohibiting any unauthorized or exclusive recreational or residential use of Reclamation land.

Alternatives considered in addition to a No Action Alternative included the Removal Alternative, where all facilities would be removed from Federal lands; and the Disposal Alternative (the selected preferred alternative), where the encroached-upon Reclamation lands and an additional 100-foot fire break would be sold. The land was sold through GSA public auction to a private party later in 2013.

03/2013 Camper's Cove Resort Lands Encroachment, Final EA and FONSI PDF 13.76 mb
01/2013 Draft Environmental Assessment, Camper's Cove Resort PDF 743 kb


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