Geocache Challenge

Grand Coulee Dam Visitor Center

Three dams on the Columbia River, Grand Coulee (Bureau of Reclamation), Chief Joseph (Army Corps of Engineers), and Rocky Reach (Chelan County PUD), are partnering to bring Geocaching to their facilities.

Each dam's visitor center will hide three or four caches on their grounds, for educational purposes. You can start and finish the D3 Geocaching Challenge at any one of the three dams. At each cache, participants will read something interesting and educational about the dam (history, turbines, generators, irrigation, etc.) Write down your answers on the sheet provided at each Geocache.

After finding the three caches related to the challenge, return to the visitor center and show your answers. If correct, you will receive a stamp on your D3 Challenge passport and a prize. There will be a unique passport stamp for each dam. Proceed to the other two dams, to do the same, and when your passport has all three stamps, you will receive a commemorative D3 patch for completing the challenge.

Grand Coulee Dam Visitor Center Geocache Challenge Locations
Don't BUST the Balloon...a Point-of-a-View GC3DETZ N 47° 57.175 W 118° 59.359
A Means to Reclaim the Land GC3JD35 N 47° 56.586 W 119° 01.000
Dam, A Clock & What a View GC3JAPZ N 47° 58.303 W 118° 59.231

Grand Coulee Visitor Center
(509) 633-9265

Last Updated: 10/2/23