Area Information

Anderson Ranch Dam Near Mountain Home, Idaho
Arrowrock Reservoir Near Boise, Idaho
Bend, Oregon  
Black Canyon Dam Emmett, Idaho
Boise, Idaho
Burley, Idaho  
Cascade Dam Cascade, Idaho
Ephrata, Washington  
Grand Coulee Dam Grand Coulee, Washington
Green Springs Powerplant Near Ashland, Oregon
Hermiston, Oregon  
Hungry Horse Dam Near Columbia Falls, Montana
LaGrande, Oregon  
Minidoka Dam and Powerplant Near Rupert and Burley, Idaho
Palisades Dam and Powerplant Near Idaho Falls, Idaho
Port Angeles, Washington  
Twisp, Washington  
Wenatchee, Washington  
Yakima, Washington  
Anderson Ranch Dam is 29 miles from Mountain Home, Idaho, population 11,143. Mountain Home has a modern hospital, high school, shopping areas, and an 18-hole golf course. Homes for purchase or rent are available. The climate is moderate. Fishing and hunting within driving distance. Mountain Home is located 42 miles from Boise, Idaho, which has a population of 214,000.
Arrowrock Reservoir (Boise, ID) is on the Boise River about 26 miles from Boise. Employee is required to live in Government housing at dam site and furnish transportation for children to school bus stop (12 miles). There is a charge for Government housing. Shopping and medical care are available at Boise (population 214,000).
Bend, Oregon (population 76,000) with an average elevation of 3,628 feet, is the county seat of Deschutes County, and is located near the center of Oregon at the foot of the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. It is noted for its scenic setting, mild climate, year-round recreational opportunities, and growing economy. In addition to excellent public and parochial elementary and high schools, there is a 2-year community college. Bend has an excellent medical/health care system, three major shopping malls, and year-round recreational facilities including Mt. Bachelor ski resort (22 miles southwest of Bend), 25 area golf courses, and 26 developed city parks. The climate is predominantly dry, with sunny days, low humidity, and cool nights.
Black Canyon Dam is seven miles from Emmett, Idaho, population 5,500. Emmett has a modern hospital, high school, and shopping areas. Homes for purchase or rent are available. The climate is moderate. Fishing and hunting within driving distance. Emmett is located 30 miles from Boise, Idaho, which has a population of 214,000.
Greater Boise Metropolitan Area population 357,811 has adequate housing for rent or purchase. The area has a quality education system, including a university with over 19,000 students. Excellent medical, church, shopping, cultural, and recreational facilities are available. The semi-arid climate has mild winters and warm summers (elevation 2,726 feet).
Burley, Idaho, population 9,000, is in the rich agricultural and food processing area of Southern Idaho. Schools through grade 12 are in the immediate area and a junior college is located 45 miles away in Twin Falls, Idaho, with a branch campus located in Burley. Housing is available for purchase or rent at reasonable cost. Medical care and excellent outdoor recreation are also available.
Cascade Dam is 1/2 mile from Cascade, Idaho (population 1,000) which has adequate shopping, schools, and medical facilities. This area has mild summers and extreme winter conditions. Rentals and houses for sale are available. The Cascade area also has good hunting and fishing available.
Ephrata (pop. 7,000) is located in the geographic center of Washington State. Affordable housing, well respected schools, numerous parks and recreational facilities including a family aquatic center, a walking trail system, a world class outdoor concert venue within a short drive, welcoming church communities, and some of the lowest power rates in the country make Ephrata an attractive community for many kinds of lifestyles. A wide variety of outdoor recreation ranging from mountain and winter sports to hunting and fishing are available in the immediate area and within a few hours drive. Numerous lakes, reservoirs and the Columbia River provide endless boating and fresh water recreation opportunities. The semi-arid climate has warm summers and frequently mild winters. Ephrata typically enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year throughout four distinct seasons. A community college is located 15 miles away, with numerous degree programs, adult education and distance learning opportunities. See also and
The Grand Coulee Dam Area is comprised of four small communities with a total population of approximately 3500 and is located in Eastern Washington, 85 miles northwest of Spokane, Washington. Adequate school, religious organizations, health, shopping, restaurants and housing are available. The adjacent water areas afford excellent opportunities for motor boating, water skiing, sailing, swimming and fishing. Fall and winter sports include hunting, ice fishing, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. There is an eighteen-hole golf course and bowling alley. The area borders four different counties and the Colville Indian Reservation. The area has hot summers and cold winters with very little precipitation.

Information on Grand Coulee Dam, recreation, local school information, real estate, Colville Confederated Tribes and other employment opportunities may be found at

Green Springs Powerplant is located in southwestern Oregon about 10 miles east of Ashland, Oregon. Housing is available for purchase, but rental housing is scarce, and there are no Government quarters. Ashland has a population of approximately 19,500 and has a moderate, desirable climate with four distinct seasons. The area averages 19 inches of rain per year and 8 inches of snow. Nearby Mount Ashland provides skiing and other winter sports. Additional sport activities are available at Emigrant Lake. Ashland has excellent schools, churches, and shopping, an outstanding city park, and is the home of the Oregon Shakespearean Festival, theaters, and Southern Oregon State College.
Hermiston, Oregon (population approx. 15,000) is located in the northwest corner of Umatilla County in northeast Oregon. There is an ample supply of homes available for purchase; however, rentals are limited. There is an excellent school system with a community college approximately 30 miles away in Pendleton, Oregon. There is a hospital and adequate shopping facilities. Hermiston has a very mild climate. Summer temperatures average about 81 degrees; winter temperatures average 53 degrees. The city gets very little snow with a yearly average of less than nine inches.
Hungry Horse Dam is located 7 miles from Columbia Falls, Montana (population 3,700), and 9 miles from Glacier National Park on Highway No. 2. Rental and purchase housing is available in the communities of Kalispell, Whitefish and Columbia Falls, Montana. Winters are moderately severe with heavy snowfall, summers are extremely pleasant. Excellent recreational activities exist in the area.
LaGrande is located is Eastern Oregon, population 12,000. Eastern Oregon State University is located there. It is near a wilderness area and offers great recreational opportunities.
Minidoka Dam and Powerplant is located approximately 14 miles from Rupert, Idaho. Rupert is a city of approximately 6,000 persons with several towns within ten miles. Burley is the largest nearby city with a population of about 9,000. Schools through grade 12 exist in the immediate locality with a junior college located about 45 miles away in Twin Falls. Government housing is not available. Housing to rent or purchase is available in the area. Two hospitals are located in the immediate vicinity with two additional regional medical facilities within 75 miles. Outdoor recreation includes hunting, fishing, boating, skiing, and golfing.
Palisades Dam and Powerplant is located on the Snake River 56 miles from Idaho Falls, Idaho, on Highway 26. It is located in a mountainous area surrounded by public lands and is excellent for hunting and outdoor activities. The reservoir and the mountain streams provide fishing, boating, and various water sports. There are three-bedroom houses with unattached garages located at the camp, which may or may not be available at the time of selection for this position. There is a dog leash regulation in camp. Children are transported by bus to an elementary school located approximately four miles from the camp. Children beyond the eighth grade are bused 56 miles to Idaho Falls, which is the nearest location with medical facilities, shopping centers, and a vocational school system. Private housing is available for sale and rent throughout the valley on a limited basis. The immediate area consists of three small communities that include post offices, general stores, churches, and other facilities. The climate is usually mild and pleasant in the summer and moderate snowfall in the winter.
Port Angeles, Washington, is located on the Olympic Peninsula with moderate year-round climate receiving 25 inches of rainfall annually. There are church, medical, shopping, and recreation facilities within the area in addition to excellent schools, including a college. For additional information about Port Angeles visit:
Twisp, WA is located in Northern Washington near the Canadian border at the confluence of the Twisp and Methow rivers. The town of Twisp is a year-around paradise that offers abundant sunshine, generous snowfall and plenty of wildlife. Twisp boasts four seasons of fun that include mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and much more. Founded in 1897, Twisp is the largest town in the Methow Valley with an eclectic mix of approximately 1,000 residents that includes artists, musicians, writers, ranchers, farmers, entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts, among others.
The City of Wenatchee is located approximately in the center of Washington State and has a population of 28,760. Wenatchee enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year and a wonderful turn of the century downtown that serves as a vibrant arts, culture and retail center.
The 17 square miles of Yakima are located in southcentral Washington at the confluence of the Naches and Yakima rivers. With 72,000 residents in a metropolitan area of 100,000+, it is the Yakima County seat and medical, cultural, educational and financial center of the area. The area has outstanding recreational opportunities, mixed with 300 days of sunshine yearly. Housing for purchase is available, however, rentals are limited. Yakima is 1,068 feet above sea level. The climate is mild with four definite seasons. The City is 145 miles southeast of Seattle and 200 miles southwest of Spokane.
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