Navajo Generating Station

Navajo Generating Station Listening Sessions - Emailed Comments

2017-05-07_EM-Mary Altmann_What is Going On_Redacted (PDF - 35 KB)

2017-05-08_EM-Jeff Burgess_Future of Navajo Generating Station_Redacted (PDF - 34 KB)

2017-05-08_EM-RJ_NGS_Redacted (PDF - 42 KB)

2017-05-12_EM-Vincent Yazzie-Future of NGS with ATT_Redacted (PDF - 3.5 MB KB)

2017-05-15_EM-ACC Tobin Written Comments for Record with ATT (PDF - 503 KB)

2017-05-15_EM-Joseph Karas_I support closing NGS (PDF - 30 KB)

2017-05-15_EM-Lynn Ashby_Navajo Generating Station PUBLIC hearings_Redacted (PDF - 32 KB)

2017-05-16_EM-Andrew Lane_Fwd_ Peabody Coal Fat Cat vs Climate Action (PDF - 86 KB)

2017-05-16_EM-David Conrey_Comment for Reclamation_Redacted (PDF - 35 KB)

2017-05-17_EM Mark Maryboy_Future of NGS comment_Redacted (PDF - 37 KB)

2017-05-17_EM-Doug Pitts_New Technology Solution with ATT_Redacted (PDF - 1.3 MB)

2017-05-17_EM-Kathryn Pensinger_NGS closure_Redacted (PDF - 37 KB)

2017-05-18_EM_Pliny Draper_Navajo Generating Plant comment__Redacted (PDF - 34 KB)

2017-05-18_EM-Matt Herman_Please Close the NGS__Redacted (PDF - 34 KB)

2017-05-19_EM-Jerry Williams_Long-Term Future of NGS_Redacted (PDF - 52 KB)

2017-05-19_EM-Vincent Yazzie_Myth of paper water v. wet water_Redacted (PDF - 42 KB)

2017-05-21_EM-Eric Olsen_Navajo Generating Station_Redacted (PDF - 39 KB)

2017-05-21_EM-Manuel Savala_Fwd_ Navajo Generating Station (PDF - 53 KB)

2017-05-21_EM-Vincent Yazzie_Kayenta Mine Fatal Accident 2011 with ATT_Redacted (PDF - 111 KB)

2017-05-21_EM-Vincent Yazzie_Lease violation is Treaty violation_Redacted (PDF - 50 KB)

2017-05-21-EM_Vincent Yazzie_Draglines operating beyond their design limits with 2 ATT_Redacted (PDF - 530 KB)

2017-05-23_EM-Vincent Yazzie_NGS can be retooled to make Solar cells using natural gas_Redacted (PDF - 91 KB)

2017-06-2_EM-Charlie Livingston_go green energy_Redacted (PDF - 33 KB)

2017-06-06_EM-Florinda Curley_Comments on NGS (PDF - 106 KB)

2017-06-28_EM-PYT transmitting comments with ATT (PDF - 2.1 MB)


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