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Reclamation recognizes Guardians of the Reservoir Prize Competition winning solution to manage sediment in reservoirs

Media Contact: Peter Soeth 303.910.7473
For Release: Sep 15, 2022

WASHINGTON – The Bureau of Reclamation has selected D-Sediment team as the winner of the Guardians of the Reservoir prize competition for their design solution to remove sediment deposits in reservoirs. The team, comprised of Michael Detering, Laura Backes and Joana Kueppers from Germany, developed the Sedimover technology for efficient 24/7 sediment transfer from a reservoir. The team is receiving $100,000 in prize money.

"Sedimentation has impacted our reservoirs from the day they were built," said Reclamation Commissioner Camille Calimlim Touton. "The solutions identified through this prize competition provide an option to manage sediment so Reclamation reservoirs can continue to store water as they were designed to do."

The selection was announced at the Guardians of the Reservoir Finalist Showcase where the three finalists shared their innovative solutions.

The two other finalists were recognized for their accomplishments for this prize competition.

Reclamation presented the Versatility Award to the 3 D DredgerTM Team for their development of their Complete Sediment Management solution - a fully autonomous dredging system designed to handle sediment and larger debris using three dredging attachments. This team consists of inventors Nicholas LaBry and Kenneth LaBry of Prometheus Innovations, LLC, and Bartolomeo Mongiardino of Hydro Maintenance Service

Reclamation presented the Innovation Award to Slurry Pulsejet Engine for their development of a new technology to capture, dewater and move the sediments in dry or semi-dry form. It is based in minimizing water and power consumption. Baha Abulnaga and David Dibley of Mazdak International, Inc., Washington, developed this new technology.

Sedimentation in reservoirs occurs when faster moving rivers transport sediment into slower moving water in reservoirs where it then falls out and begins to fill the reservoir. Sedimentation reduces the amount of water storage available in a reservoir, impacting the ability of reservoir owners to store water or reduce the risk of floods.

Reclamation is partnering with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NASA Tournament Lab and HeroX on this competition. To learn more about this competition, please visit

Reclamation conducts prize competitions to spur innovation by engaging a non-traditional, problem-solver community. Please visit Reclamation's Prize Competition website to learn more.

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