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To coordinate and provide direction on the response to the appearance of quagga and zebra mussels in the western waters, Reclamation chartered a Mussel Task Force. This task force consists of technical members from the Commissioner's Office and representatives from each of Reclamation's five regions.

David Raff
Science Advisor
(303) 445-4196

Jolene Trujillo
Environmental Compliance
IPM/Invasive Species Coordinator for Reclamation
(303) 445-2903

Christopher Vick
Operations and Maintenance
(303) 445-2941

Peter Soeth
Public Affairs and Media
(303) 445-3615

Denise Hosler
Research and Development
(303) 445-2195

Ryan Alcorn
Land Resources Team
(303) 445-2711

Stevan Raye
Pacific Northwest Region Rep
(208) 378-6209

Stuart Angerer
Mid-Pacific Region Rep
(916) 978-5046

Heidi McMaster
Lower Colorado Region Rep
(702) 293-8560

Andrew Trouette
Lower Colorado Region Rep
(702) 293-8085

Robert Radtke
Upper Colorado Region Rep
(801) 524-3719

Stefanie Jordan
Great Plains Region Rep
(406) 247-7744

Last Updated: 12/13/17