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To coordinate and provide direction on the response to the appearance of quagga and zebra mussels in the western waters, Reclamation chartered a Mussel Task Force. This task force consists of technical members from the Commissioner's Office and representatives from each of Reclamation's five regions.

Name Office or Responsibility Email Phone Number
Jolene Trujillo IPM/Invasive Species Coordinator 303-445-2903
Chris Perry Operations and Maintenance 303-445-2887
Peter Soeth Public Affairs 303-445-3615
Sherri Pucherelli Eco Lab & Research and Development 303-445-2015
Ryan Alcorn Lands Resources Team 303-445-2711
Heidi McMaster Columbia Pacific Northwest
(Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana) 208-378-6209
Melanie Lowe California Great Basin
(California and Nevada) 916-978-5118
Jeff Mcpherson Lower Colorado Basin
(Arizona and California) 702-293-8365
Robert Radtke Upper Colorado Basin
(Utah, New Mexico, and Western Colorado) 801-524-3719
Jacob Bradford Missouri Basin/Arkansas-Rio Grande-Texas Gulf
(North & South Dakota, Eastern Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Eastern Colorado) 406-247-7720
Last Updated: 11/10/20