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Dams Along the Lower Colorado River

Lower Colorado River map showing location of Dams Davis Dam at River Mile 276 Parker Dam at River Mile 192 Headgate Rock Dam at River Mile 177 Palo Verde Diversion Dam at River Mile 133 Senator Wash Dam located at River Mile 50 Imperial Dam at River Mile 49 Laguna Dam at River Mile 43 Morelos Dam at River Mile 22

Storage Dams:

Constructed by Reclamation in 1960 under the Parker-Davis Project, Davis Dam was built for regulation of water delivery to Mexico in accordance with the 1944 Treaty. Lake Mohave is the reservoir formed by the dam.

Parker Dam, also constructed under the Parker-Davis Project, was built in 1938 to provide low cost electrical energy to Arizona and southern California. Lake Havasu was formed by Parker Dam and serves as a forebay and desilting basin from which the Metropolitan Water District pumps water into its Colorado River aqueduct.

Diversion Dams:

Headgate Rock Dam was constructed in 1942 and is operated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Lake Moovalya was created by this dam and provides irrigation water to Colorado River Indian Reservation farms.

Palo Verde Diversion Dam was constructed by Reclamation in 1957 under the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program to ensure adequate diversion of irrigation water to farmland in the Palo Verde Irrigation District. Its maintenance was turned over to the Palo Verde Irrigation District in December 1957. The facilities became operational June 30, 1958. In May of 2008 the facilities title (as per the Act of August 31, 1954 (ch 1170, 68 Stat.1045) ) was turned over to the district.

Construction of Senator Wash Dam and reservoir was completed in 1966 under the Colorado River Front Work and Levee System project. Its purpose is to improve water scheduling of the Colorado River by storing part of the river flow upstream of Imperial Dam when it is not needed. Imperial Irrigation District is the operator of this Dam.

Imperial Diversion Dam was constructed by Reclamation in 1938 under the Boulder Canyon Project. This dam, currently operated by Imperial Irrigation District, diverts water from the Colorado River into the All American Canal in California and the Gila Gravity Main Canal in Arizona.

Laguna Dam, currently operated by Imperial Irrigation District, was constructed in 1909 under the Yuma Project to divert water to farmlands in the Yuma area. This dam has served as a regulatory structure since 1948 when Imperial Dam took over its role of diversion.

Pursuant to the 1944 Treaty, Mexico constructed Morelos Dam in 1950 to divert its allotted water from the Colorado River to highly developed lands in the Mexicali Valley. This dam is owned and operated by Mexico under the supervision of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC).

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