Colorado River Basin Natural Flow and Salt Data

This natural flow data for the Colorado River Basin is currently being used for modeling purposes in the Colorado River Simulation System (CRSS).

2020 natural flow data should only be used to generate input data for CRSSv6. Previous versions of the natural flow and CRSS make different assumptions about phreatophytes in the Lower Basin.

Please note that even though natural flow data is termed "current," it is SUBJECT TO CHANGE over the entire record due to source data updates.

Presently, the consumptive uses and losses data from 2006-2020 used to compute natural flow are provisional and will be revised in the future. These revisions will change the natural flow computation.

Natural Flow and Salt Data Index

Current Natural Flow and Salt Data
      Natural Flow Supporting Data
      Natural Salt Supporting Data

Previous Natural Flow and Salt Data

Provisional Natural Flow Data
CURRENT natural flow data 1906-2020 (Excel file, 1.5 MB) - Updated 12/15/22
      - Upper Basin: CSU extensions and MHYDRO 1906-1970 combined with recompiled CFelletter 1971-2020
      - Lower Basin: CSU extensions and March 1992 Reclamation report 1906-1970 combined with recompiled JShirey 1971-2020

CURRENT natural salt mass data 1906-2020 - Contact Conor Felletter at

CURRENT natural salt concentration data 1906-2020 - Contact Conor Felletter at

Last Updated: 15DEC2022