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Comment Letters on
2005 Colorado River Annual Operating Plan (AOP)
Final Mid-Year Review Consultation Meeting
of the Colorado River Management Work Group

1. National Park Service, Lake Mead Recreational Area
                  April 7, 2005

2. National Park Service, Colorado River Coordinator
                  April 25, 2005

3. Upper Colorado River Commission
                  April 20, 2005

4. Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming Governors' Representatives on Colorado River Operations
                  April 18, 2005

5. City of Aurora, City of Grand Junction, Colorado River Water Conservation District, Colorado Springs Utilities, Denver Water, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Pueblo Board of Water Works, Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District, and Southwestern Water Conservation District
                  April 22, 2005

6. State of Wyoming, Office of the Governor
                  April 26, 2005

7. State of Utah, Office of the Governor
                  April 25, 2005

8. Lower Division States of the Colorado River Basin
                  April 26, 2005

9. State of Colorado, Office of the Governor
                  April 21, 2005

10. Colorado River Commission of Nevada, Jim Davenport email
                  April 26, 2005

11. Irrigation & Electrical Districts Association of Arizona
                  April 26, 2005

12. Colorado River Energy Distributors Association
                 April 25, 2005

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Updated: April 2005