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Welcome to the HireMe system web page, HireMe is a secure web-based recruitment system that will allow job seekers to apply for Reclamation jobs online.  HireMe is integrated with USAJOBS to provide a faster and easier application process.  

Anyone can browse USAJOBS and search for job vacancies, but you must "sign in" in order to APPLY for online job vacancies.  When you view a vacancy announcement at USAJOBS, Select APPLY ONLINE to apply.

For step-by-step instructions, select:  NEW USER guidelines.  

You may search for jobs at:  www.usajobs.gov.  

A majority of job vacancies are now available for online application.  However, a few vacancies may require special hard copy application.  

Always read the vacancy announcement for specific application instructions.  


  • If you are already registered at USAJOBS you don’t need to register again.  
  • If you forget your USAJOBS User ID or Password, please contact the USAJOBS helpdesk, or go to:   https://my.usajobs.gov/Password/ForgotPassword.aspx
  • You can update your resumes and other registration data anytime after you have registered.  
  • What is Auto-Requested Fax?  Select:  Detailed Fax Guidance.  
  • When you apply for a specific job, you will be asked to respond to specific questions.  Your answers will be verified against information provided in your online resume.
  • You may view the questions before you apply; when viewing the vacancy announcement on USAJOBS, Select the “Qualifications and Evaluation” tab and scroll down the page; look for "To preview questions please click here."
  • When you apply for a specific job, a snapshot of your resume will be captured and tied to that job vacancy on the closing date.  
  • Job vacancies are listed at USAJOBS, located at:   www.usajobs.gov; there may be exceptions for internal jobs, employees will be notified as needed.  To view only the Reclamation jobs at USAJOBS, select:  Reclamation jobs
  • For more information about the HireMe system, please go to FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).  

Last Updated:  7/28/17