Twin Buttes Reservoir Facilities

food nearby lodging nearby primitive campground bait and tackle public facilities Boatramp available swimming license required

San Angelo Water Supply Corporation, P.O. Box 160, San Angelo, TX 79602; (915) 655-9140. Nearest highways, U.S. 67 and 277. Nearest city, San Angelo When full, the lake provides approximately 23,000 acres of water surface. Accessible from numerous roads. Several boat ramps and some camping facilities. Open year-round for fishing. Available species include bass, crappie, sunfish, catfish, carp, shad, and drum.

Twin Buttes Reservoir
San Angelo
(managing entity)
City of San Angelo
P O Box 1751
San Angelo TX 76902
Land Area (acres) Total 3219
  Developed Public Use 500
  Undeveloped 2719
Water Surface (acres) Total 9079
  Available for Recreation 9079
Shoreline (miles) Total 55
  Available for Recreation 55
Fees Area Entrance no
  Campgrounds yes
  Picnic Areas no
  Boat Launch Facilities no
  Parking no
  Other no
Facilities (number) Campgrounds 3
  Campsites 30
  Tent Only Campsites 0
  RV Hookups 30
  Mobile Home Parks 0
  Mobile Home Sites 0
  Camp Shower Facilities no
  Picnic Areas 3
  Picnic Tables 40
  Picnic Shelters 23
  Swimming Beaches 0
  Swim Shower Facilities no
  Boat Launch Ramps 5
  Boat Launch Lanes 7
  Mooring Buoys 0
  Slip Mooring Spaces 0
  Concessions 1
Potable Water Campgrounds 23
  Picnic Areas 0
  Other Locations 0
Toilets Campgrounds 2
  Picnic Areas 4
  Other Locations 0
Sanitary Stations Trailer / RV 0
  Boat 0

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Last Updated: 6/2/15