Platte River Recovery Implementation Program Proposed First Increment Extension Environmental Assessment (EA) –
Public Involvement

Public involvement is a key component of the federal environmental review process. All interested parties are encouraged to participate by informing themselves about the project, asking questions, attending public scoping meetings, and providing their comments.

Public involvement is integrated into each step of the preparation of an Environmental Assessment (EA). The diagram below shows how you can get involved.

Public Scoping Materials

Public Scoping Report

Letter to Interested Parties

Draft Environmental Assessment (EA)

Draft Find of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

Image of the NEPA Process and Public Involvement Opportunities

EA Scope and Process

The EA document will include discussion of the proposed project, the need for the proposal, the environmental impacts of the alternatives considered, and a summary of consultations with agencies, other interested entities, and the public.

A draft EA/draft finding of significance document will be prepared to evaluate the proposed First Increment Extension and make an initial finding of significance. Following a public review/comment period on the draft EA, a final EA will be prepared along with a finding of significance/decision document. All draft and final documents will be available on Reclamation’s webpage for downloading and browsing. Hard copies of the documents will also available upon request.

As a member of the public, your involvement and comments provide useful and valuable information at all stages of the EA process.

A 45 day public comment period will begin upon release of the draft EA in Spring 2018.

Last Updated: 2/28/18