Welcome to the Bureau of Reclamation Ethics Site

The Bureau of Reclamation’s Ethics program is structured to provide advice and assistance to current and former employees in order to help ensure that decisions they make, and actions they take, are not, nor appear to be, tainted by any question of conflict of interest. The Ethics laws and regulations were established to promote and strengthen the public's confidence in the integrity of the Federal government.

We encourage employees to use the website as a source of information, but they should remember that certain rules are complex and require some analysis in applying them to specific situations. For this reason, employees should always seek the advice of an Ethics official when contemplating any action that may be covered by the rules. Click on “Contact us” in the left hand menu to find additional information on how to contact an Ethics Counselor.

As you are well aware, serving the public as a Federal employee is an honor and a privilege that also comes with very serious responsibilities. This includes the obligation to perform our duties with integrity and to the highest ethical standards. Each of us at Reclamation has a responsibility to be mindful of our commitment to ethics and integrity in everything we do.

2020 Ethics Training

Last Updated: 2/25/20