Ethics Forms 

  • WAG Form DI-1958 –  Use this form to request approval to accept free attendance at a Widely Attended Gathering (WAG) (e.g., receptions or dinners, where you are not speaking or participating in another way other than as an attendee).

  • Travel Reimbursement Form DI-2000 – Use this form to request prior approval to accept travel reimbursement from a non-Federal source to attend a meeting or similar function away from your duty station in connection with your Government duties.

  • Outside Employment and Activities Form DI-7010 – Use this form to request prior approval for certain outside employment and work activities with a prohibited source. For additional information about outside employment and activities, please visit Outside Employment and Activities page or contact your Region’s Associate Ethics Counselor.

  • Notification of Post-Employment Negotiation or Agreement and Recusal Statement – The STOCK Act requires public filers (employees required to file the OGE 278 Public Financial Disclosure Report), to file a statement notifying their Agency ethics official of any negotiation for or agreement of future employment or compensation with a non-Federal entity within three (3) business days after commencement of the negotiation or agreement (does not apply to outside activities).

  • Financial Disclosure – Please note all Financial Disclosure forms are filed electronically on the FDOnline System. We do not accept paper copies of Financial Disclosure forms. For instructions and additional resources related to forms below, please visit the Financial Disclosure page.
    • OGE 278 (Public Financial Disclosure Report) – Annual forms are due May 15 each year. New entrant forms are due within 30 days of entrance into a “public filing” position. Termination Reports are due on the day of separation from a “public filing” position and no later than 30 days after separation.

    • OGE 278T (Periodic Transaction Report) – The STOCK Act requires public filers to submit a report of certain transactions within 30 days after the transaction. The OGE 278T form is available at and is identified as “Transaction 278 Report.” Transactions required to be reported are purchases, sales, or exchanges by you, your spouse, or dependent child of stocks, bonds, commodity futures, and other securities exceeding $1,000. EXCEPT: Except investment funds (EIFs) including mutual funds, cash accounts, real property, or treasury securities.

    • OGE 450 (Confidential Financial Disclosure Report) – for employees serving in “confidential filing” positions. Annual forms are due February 15 each year. New entrant forms are due within 30 days of entering a confidential filing position.

    • OGE 450-A (Confidential Certification of No New Interests) – may be used annually instead of the OGE 450 when permitted by the Office of Government Ethics.
Last Updated: 1/23/23