Cache County


      3 miles north of Newton

      National Register 11/30/1973

The original Newton Reservoir was created when a dam was built on Clarkston Creek in 1871 to store water for irrigation during the dry summer months. The reservoir was the first large body of irrigation storage water in the State of Utah. The dam washed out a number of times before the turn of the century and each time was rebuilt.  In 1941-46, a new dam was constructed below the old one by the Bureau of Reclamation and Works Projects Administration as part of the Newton Project. The old dam was inundated and, with the exception of the spillway, remains in place.  With construction of the new dam, the capacity of the reservoir was increased from 1,566 to 5,300 acre feet, and the irrigable land from 1,600 to 2,225 acres.

Duchesne County


      8 miles south of US 40 in Fruitland vicinity
      National Register 8/18/1992

The Simmons Ranch, also known as the Remund Ranch, is significant as an excellent representative example of a historic homestead in northeast Utah.  Not only was the homestead the earliest to complete the patent process in Duchesne County, it was a successful farm/ranch operation in an area where most others failed. The property was part of the Uintah Indian Reservation until the early 20th century when it was opened to settlement. Charles Simmons filed a claim for his ranch on January 27, 1906, and received a full patent on June 26, 1913. The property includes three contributing buildings and three contributing structures.   Among these are log cabins, a system of corrals, an irrigation ditch, and a storage cellar.

Hoover Dam Floor Design

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