El Dorado & Placer Counties
    One mile east of Auburn across the American River
    National Register 2/11/2004
Completed in 1912, this is a rare example of a reinforced concrete railroad bridge, and an important example of the work of master bridge engineer John B. Leonard.   The bridge is 15 feet wide and 70 feet high with three graceful arch spans. The bridge is part of the route of the Western States Pioneer Express Recreation Trail designated in 1975.  

Mountain Quarries Bridge

Mountain Quarries Bridge

Merced County

    San Luis State Recreation Area
    National Register 5/07/1973
This prehistoric archaeological district consists of five midden deposits that indicate the presence of permanent or semi-permanent villages within the last 1000 years.

Modoc County 
    Newell townsite
    National Historic Landmark 2/17/2006
Tule Lake Segregation Center was the largest and longest-lived of the ten camps built by the War Relocation Authority (WRA) to house the nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans relocated from the West Coast during World War II, pursuant to Executive Order 9066. In 1943, the facility was converted to a maximum security segregation center for evacuees deemed by the WRA to be “disloyal.” The segregation center historically comprised 7,400 acres. The National Historic Landmark encompasses the original segregation center’s Stockade, the WRA Motor Pool, the Post Engineer’s Yard and Motor Pool, and a small part of the Military Police Compound. Reclamation is a part owner of the National Historic Landmark.

Riverside County
     "Palo Verde Circles" (Reclamation property )
      Vicinity of Palo Verde Dam
      National Register Thematic Nomination
Included in this nomination are a series of large prehistoric, and possibly historic, designs created in the dark desert surface or " varnish " bordering the Colorado River in California and Arizona. The designs were almost all made by removal of the surface layer of darkened rock to expose a lighter subsurface of earth material.  Because of their great size or faintness, the figures, in many instances, are best seen from the air.  The Reclamation-owned feature, known as the Palo Verde Circles, consists of three rings. The site may have served as a meeting place.

Sacramento County
      Folsom vicinity
      National Register 10/02/1973
      National Historic Landmark 5/29/1981
The Folsom Powerhouse site contains two buildings constructed to house hydroelectric generating equipment. When completed in 1895, the main powerhouse represented a major advance in the generation and transmission of electricity.  For the first time, high-voltage alternating current could be transmitted over long distances.  A secondary power plant, owned by Reclamation, was installed below the main facility in 1897.  California Department of Parks and Recreation operates the site as a historic park.

Sierra County
      Verdi vicinity
      National Register 10/14/1971
This high Sierra archaeological site consists of a large midden that reveals a long record of occupation. The site was seasonally used by hunters and gatherers who relied on pine nuts and other local foods for summertime subsistence.  Some of the oldest levels of the site date back five to seven thousand years.

Hoover Dam Floor Design

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