Pilot Techniques Regarding Stakeholder Engagement

Reclamation partnered with the University of Arizona, Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions, to pilot new methods for receiving feedback and comments on the Draft Report.

An online web-based Comment Form was developed to provide an easier commenting experience. The use of the Comment Form to submit comments helped Reclamation understand the effectiveness of this tool and will help guide improvements for future engagement efforts. Although the use of the Comment Form was encouraged, comments could also be submitted through traditional methods, including email and letters.

The 7.D. Review largely occurred during the 2020 COVID crisis, and Reclamation's ability to conduct in-person meetings was limited. Reclamation strived to make the 7.D. Review an inclusive process through webinars and multiple separate stakeholder discussions and tested technology designed to facilitate stakeholder engagement and collaboration. On November 19, 2020, Reclamation hosted an on-line (rather than in-person) meeting to offer those interested in the 7.D. Review an opportunity to collectively discuss comments on the 7.D. Review and the Draft Report. Representatives that were previously engaged in the 7.D. Review, including representatives from the Basin States and key water districts, tribes, NGOs, universities and other federal agencies, were invited to participate. The on-line meeting was designed as a unique opportunity for Reclamation to garner further stakeholder input in a manner that allowed all of the participants to hear each other's comments (and if desired, provide feedback).

Additional information on the meeting is available here:

Last Updated: 7/6/23