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Neighborhood Xeriscape Project - Sponsored by: Neighborhood Housing Services of Provo, Utah

photo: canal being sprayed with polyacrylamide solution

The Neighborhood Housing Services of Provo, Utah (NHSP) is a charitable organization whose mission is to revitalize old neighborhoods in the city of Provo by providing affordable new housing for lower income families. In 1998, the NHSP initiated a water conservation project to complement their HomePlace housing development which provided six affordable new homes. The NHSP received financial assistance from the Bureau of Reclamation to develop a neighborhood xeriscape demonstration and education program at the HomePlace site. The HomePlace development incorporated a high quality,attractive, low water use, and low maintenance xeriscape landscape which serves as a water-wise landscape model for surrounding neighborhoods. Through the WCFSP, training and information was provided by Reclamation on how to maintain the new landscape and drip irrigation systems. Local sponsorship for the project coupled with the funds provided by Reclamation, made this valuable project a reality.

Contact: Neighborhood Housing Services of Provo, Utah; (801) 375 5820 Bureau of Reclamation, Provo Area Office; (801) 379-1000.

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