Water Conservation

Demonstration of Innovative Technologies

Improved Water Measurement & Irrigation Practices - Sponsored by: Weber Basin Conservancy District

photo: irrigation canal with new surge irrigation valves and measuring devices

The Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, in partnership with the Davis, Weber, and Morgan Soil Conservancy Districts, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Utah State University Extension Service, Soil and Water Conservation Society - Utah Chapter, Utah Association of Conservation Districts, and the Wilson Irrigation Company implemented various improved water measurement and irrigation practices on farmland in northern Utah. This demonstration project allowed new equipment to be incorporated, increased awareness of irrigation water management throughout the Districts service area (northern Utah), and public education of farmers' efforts to conserve water. The project involved installing surge irrigation valves and measuring devices at several fields where a variety of crops were grown. Participating farmers learned that less water was used, labor and chemical costs were reduced, and quantity and quality of crops was improved. As a result of the demonstration project, these farmers have since purchased additional surge valves and associated components to equip the remainder of their fields. The WCFSP provided approximately 30% of the total cost of the demonstration project.

Contact: Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, Utah; (801) 771-1677 Bureau of Reclamation, Provo Area Office; (801) 379-1000.

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Last Updated: 4/5/17