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Water Conservation Literature - Sponsored by: City of Orem, Utah

photo of Orem City water publication

In recognition of the need to educate citizens about wise water use practices and concepts, the city of Orem, Utah sought and received assistance from the Bureau of Reclamation, under the Water Conservation Field Services Program. Reclamation entered into a cost-sharing agreement with the city of Orem, to provide funds to assist the city in the preparation of an informational brochure covering general water information, home water-saving suggestions, and protection of water sources. As part of this cooperative effort, Reclamation contributed $5,000 for the development of the brochure, and Orem city provided the design, layout, editing, and typesetting. The brochure, completed in 1998, and published as part of the city's continuing Water Education Program, was distributed free of charge at Orem City Hall, the Orem Public Works, and through water education visits to local schools and organizations.

Orem City initiated the development of this brochure because of long-term benefits of educating residents about the importance of wise water use, and providing information on how to implement water-saving ideas both at home and in business. In addition, the brochure emphasized the importance of protecting such vital water sources. Orem City's Public Water Education Program has been enhanced by public awareness and understanding provided by the brochure.

Contact: City of Orem, Utah (801) 229-7037 Provo Area Office, Provo UT (801) 379-1000.

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