Water Conservation

Conservation Education

Billboard Project -Utah Association of Conservation Districts

This UACD project called for education of the general public concerning water conservation in urban businesses, homes, landscaping, etc., through an ad campaign concentrated on the Wasatch Front. A billboard ad was chosen, with Reclamation's approval, to be displayed in a high-traffic area of I-15. Approximately 1.7 million Utah residents regularly travel Interstate-15, resulting in exposure to billboard ads almost daily. Knowledge addressing water conservation/usage and suggestions in the "how to" process of implementing that knowledge are considered to be major factors in accomplishing change in behavior patterns of water consumption.

Contact: Utah Association of Conservation Districts, Utah: (801) 547-9430, Bureau of Reclamation, Provo Area Office: (801) 379-1000.

photo of water conservation billboard showing a young boy and "save me some water" message





Activities and Accomplishments

Last Updated: 4/4/17