Water Conservation

Implementation of Conservation Measures

Replacement Diversion Structure - Sponsored by:  Silt Water Conservancy District

The Silt Water Conservancy District received financial assistance from the WCFSP to implement water management measures including the construction of a replacement diversion for the Colorado River "rock and brush" diversion structure of the Silt Pumping Plant located near Silt, Colorado. The structure, which was constructed in the mid-1960's, diverted water from the Colorado River channel has scoured down three to four feet since the Silt Project was constructed, it became necessary to move the point of diversion further and further upstream in order to divert water. High spring flows routinely washed away parts of the diversion requiring the use of heavy equipment for reconstruction.

Contact: Silt Water Conservancy District, Colorado (970) 876-2393 Bureau of Reclamation, Western Colorado Area Office, Grand Junction; (970) 248-0600.

Activities and Accomplishments

Last Updated: 4/5/17