Water Conservation

Implementation of Conservation Measures

Ramp Flume Installation, Florida Farmers Diversion Drive - Sponsored by: Florida Water Conservancy District

photo:ramp flume constructed in the Florida River below Florida Farmers Diversion Dam

During FY2000, the Florida Water Conservancy District received financial assistance to install a ramp flume, complete with a remote monitoring device, at the Florida Farmers Diversion Dam. The installation of the devises enable the District to accurately quantify all inflows and outflows within the Florida Project. The equipment allows for real-time water measurement data to be collected which will improve the management efficiency of the project.

Contact: Florida Water Conservancy District, Colorado: (970) 247-5332; Bureau of Reclamation, Western Colorado Area Office - Southern Division; (970) 385-6500

Activities and Accomplishments

Last Updated: 4/5/17