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San Juan Basin Children's Water Festival - Sponsored by: San Juan Water Commission

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Since 1996, the San Juan Water Commission has received financial assistance from Reclamation's WCFSP to conduct the San Juan Basin Children's Water Festival. These fairs took place in 1996, 1997, and 1998 to educate and familiarize children and adults about water uses, entities involved in water management, and to provide conservation alternatives for the improvement of water quantity and quality in the San Juan River Basin. Because of the complex nature and public support necessary to achieve water savings and cost reductions while maintaining or improving environmental resources in this area, an extensive program was necessary. This program was designed specifically to introduce and explain new and unfamiliar water management tools to fifth and sixth grade students. As the future water users and managers, this age group is highly successful at being educated in and achieving positive long-term changes with respect to water usage.

Contact: San Juan Water Commission, New Mexico (505) 599-1462 Bureau of Reclamation Office, Western Colorado Area Office, Durango; (970) 385-6500

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