Water Conservation

Implementation of Conservation Measures

Water Measuring Equipment - Sponsored by: Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District

two photos that show the water measurement control box and circuitry at canal site

The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) of Albuquerque, New Mexico, purchased and installed solar powered water measurement equipment at five diversion sites as recommended in a water management plan study developed by MRGCD and Reclamation's WCFSP. New technology and operational practices are essential for the MRGCD, particularly where such leads to water conservation and efficient deliveries. This project (fully automated and remotely controlled structures) when successfully completed will demonstrate to the MRGCD and others how simple low cost automation of structures can be accomplished, and what degree of water savings can be realized. It is expected that the automation project will result in consistent water deliveries.

Contact: Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, New Mexico (505) 247-0234 Bureau of Reclamation, Albuquerque Area Office; (505) 248-5357.

Activities and Accomplishments

Last Updated: 4/5/17