Materials & Corrosion Laboratory Services

Staff members in the Materials & Corrosion Laboratory are experts on the various materials Reclamation uses to build and maintain its structures, particularly in the areas of corrosion mitigation (protective coatings and cathodic protection), composite materials, geosynthetics, and hazardous materials. This group provides a wide variety of services including:

General Materials Services (contact Dave Tordonato, 303-445-2394):  Photo of ion chromatography equipment
Protective Coatings (contact Allen Skaja, 303-445-2396):
  • Coatings Specifications
  • Construction Support and Submittal Review
  • Testing of Paints and Coatings
  • In-house Surface Preparations and Application
  • Field Coating Condition Assessment, Maintenance Planning, and Small Repairs
  • Construction Management Oversight and Quality Assurance
  • Coatings for Zebra/Quagga Mussel Control
 Photo of coating application on trash rack
Corrosion and Cathodic Protection (contact Jessica Torrey, 303-445-2376):
  • Cathodic Protection System Design and Specifications
  • Construction Support and Submittal Review
  • Corrosion-related Field Inspections of Pipelines, Tanks, Gates, Trashracks, etc.
  • Materials Selection for Metals and Non-metals
  • Field Testing and Troubleshooting of Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Small-scale Cathodic Protection System Installations
 Photo of field testing a cathodic protection system
Polymeric Materials (contact Brian Baumgarten, 303-445-2399):
  • Polymeric Materials Design and Specifications
    • Geosynthetics (Geomembranes, Geotextiles, Geogrids, Geocomposites)
    • Waterstops
    • Elastomeric Sealants
    • Plastic Pipe (HDPE, PVC, Fiberglass)
  • Laboratory Testing: Construction QA Testing - O&M Support
  • Standardized (ASTM) and Specialized Test Capabilities
 Photo of a geosynthetic retention pond liner
Composite Materials (contact Bobbi Jo Merten, 303-445-2380, or Daryl Little, 303-445-2384):
  • Composite Materials Specifications for:
    • Pipelines
    • Tanks
    • Gates
    • Non-metallic Alternatives for Miscellaneous Components (grates, rails, etc.)
  • Standardized and Specialized Laboratory Testing Capabilities
 Photo of FRP composite repair of a pipeline interior
Environmental Compliance and Management (contact Kevin Kelly, 720-663-7944):
  • Hazardous Materials Design Specifications
  • Construction Management Support
  • Environmental Compliance Audit Programs
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Waste Minimzation and Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Facility Surveys- Hazardous Materials
  • Environmental Assessments and Impacts
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (Property Transfers)
 Photo of a hazardous materials field inspection
Special Examinations- Normally Inaccessible Features (contact Dave Tordonato, 303-445-2394):
  • Underwater and Rope Access Inspections in support of:
    • Facility Review
    • Review of Operations and Maintenance
    • Construction Management Oversight
 Two photos- one of a rope team repair on a gate and the second of a dive team inspection
Last Updated: 8/29/19