Water Treatment Services

Water Chemistry Modeling
  • Software and spreadsheet modeling to evaluate reactants, precipitants, solubility limits, temperature and pH effects for water treatment operations
  • Mass balance diagrams to track process chemistry, inputs and outputs, and the composition and quantities of all product and waste streams
  • Membrane chemistry modeling to determine membrane arrays, product water recovery, scaling potential, system pressures, and the composition of product and concentrate streams
  • Chemical injection system modeling and design
Membrane Autopsies
  • Forensic analyses to determine mode of membrane element failure
  • Laboratory examination of membrane element components to evaluate potential manufacturing defects and operational deficiencies
  • Identification of membrane foulants and inorganic scale using scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and microbial analyses
  • Develop recommendations for process and operational changes to prevent membrane failure
Laboratory and Field Services
  • Water quality monitoring and sampling
  • Jar testing to evaluate coagulants, dosing, and mixing
  • Development, design, and testing of water treatment systems in laboratory and field settings
  • Factory and field inspections of new and existing water and wastewater treatment equipment
Sustainable Design (Steve Dundorf, 303-445-2263)
  • Implementation support for federal sustainable design requirements
  • Incorporation of sustainable design elements for new construction
  • Assessments of existing buildings for compliance
Environmental Management System (EMS) (Andrew Tiffenbach, 303-445-2393)
  • EMS implementation support for Reclamation’s regions
  • Independent EMS conformance auditing
  • Development of corrective and preventative action plan
  • EMS implementation support for Regional EMSs
Last Updated: 12/6/19