Corrosion Laboratory

The Corrosion laboratory is an applied research facility for assessment of new materials, corrosion mitigation methods, and corrosion and degradation issues related to Reclamation materials in a variety of environments and water chemistries. The lab houses tools and equipment for cutting-edge electrochemistry and materials science research including:

 Photo of Corrosion Laboratory
Corrosion Laboratory
Equipment Test References
Ion Chromatograph chloride and sulfate concentrations in soils and water Technical Memorandum MERL-2013-39
Water Quality Meter pH and electrical conductivity of aqueous solutionsTechnical Memorandum MERL-2013-39, ASTM D1293 and D1125, ASA Method No. 9
Potentiostat potentiodynamic and potentiostatic polarization, cyclic voltametry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, etc.varies
Environmental Chamber controlled temperature (-30 to 200°C) and humidityvaries
Resistivity Meter and Soil Box soil resistivityASTM G57

Protective Coatings Laboratory

The Coatings Lab has the tools and equipment necessary for full support of all aspects of protective coatings and paints needs on Reclamation structures and in a variety of environmental conditions including:

 Photo of Coatings Laboratory
Coatings Laboratory
Equipment Test References
Water Immersion Tanks water resistance of coatings ASTM D870
Ultraviolet Chambers UV light exposure durability testing ASTM D4587
Salt Fog Chambers accelerated cyclic wet/dry corrosion testing via salt exposure Prohesion Test- ASTM D5894 and G85
Benchtop and Portable Potentiostat electrochemical impedance spectroscopy varies
Corrosion Test Cells cathodic disbondment testing ASTM G8
Impact Tester coating rapid deformation test ASTM D2794
Erosion Tester particulate slurry erosion testing Reclamation method
Cavitation Tester cavitating liquid jet erosion ASTM G134

Polymeric Materials Laboratory

The Polymeric and Geosynthetic Materials Lab has the tools and equipment necessary for QA testing and support of a wide range of polymeric materials and geosynthetics used at Reclamation, as well as composite materials testing capabilities, including:

 Photo of Geosynthetics Laboratory
Geosynthetics Laboratory
Equipment Test References
Universal Test Machine
(10K lbs load frame)
tensile, compression, and bending tests capabilities and standards vary by material: geotextiles, pipe, geomembranes, waterstops, and sealants
Multi-Axial Burst Test Frame tension testing for geosynthetics ASTM D5617
Geosynthetic Pressure Vessel (3) hydrostatic puncture testing ASTM D5514
Xenon Arc Weatherometer weathering, deterioration test ASTM D4355
Last Updated: 6/20/16