Concrete Laboratory

The Concrete Laboratory performs various types of studies related to concrete making materials including cement, pozzolans, aggregate, admixtures, as well as innovative materials and techniques for concrete construction and repair for Reclamation structures. These include laboratory and field studies of the properties and performance of concrete materials. The Concrete Laboratory is complemented by complete structural testing capabilities. The lab houses tools and equipment for cutting-edge materials science research including:

 Photo of the 5 million pound test machine
  • 5-million pound Universal Testing Machine
  • 674,000 pound Universal Testing Machine
  • 125,000 pound Universal Testing Machine
  • Dynamic Testing Laboratory
  • Vibration Testing Laboratory
  • Freezing/Thawing testing equipment
  • Aggregate and Riprap processing and testing equipment
  • Environmental Testing Chambers
  • Thermal properties equipment, including specific heat, thermal diffusivity, and coefficient of thermal expansion
  • 50-Percent Relative Humidity Room
  • 100-Percent Relative Humidity Room
  • Aggregate Processing
  • Concrete Mix Room, various mixers up to 1.25cy
  • 42-inch diamond saw
  • Cylinder lapping table
  • Concrete coring equipment
  • Chemical grouting equipment
  • Concrete repair equipment
  • Photogrammetry equipment
  • Geotechnical Laboratory

    The Geotechnical Laboratory performs various types of studies related to soil, rock, and foundation materials used for Reclamation structures. These include both laboratory and field studies of the properties and performance of engineering materials under various environmental and service life conditions. The lab houses tools and equipment for cutting-edge materials science testing and research including:

     Photo of geotechnical laboratory
    Rock Testing Laboratory
    • Physical and Index Properties
    • Determination of pulse velocities and ultrasonic elastic constants at varying stress states
    • Direct Shear Testing Machines (7-inch and 12-inch diameters)
      • Concrete or Rock
      • Static or Cyclic
      • Constant Normal Load or Constant Normal Stiffness
    • Normal Stiffness of Rock or Concrete Fractures
    • Triaxial Shear Testing Machine (with elevated temperature and pore pressure)
    • Indirect splitting tensile strength
    • Uniaxial Compressive Strength, Static or Cyclic
    • Point load testing
    • Tilt table
    • Slake durability
    Soil Testing Laboratory
    • Internal Erosion Testing
    • Index Testing
    • Static Testing
      • Direct Shear Strength (up to 12” specimens)
      • Triaxial Shear Strength (automated stress path system, up to 6” specimens)
      • Torsional Ring Shear, drained or undrained
      • Expansion/Consolidation
      • Fully Softened Strength and Residual Strength
    • Dynamic Testing
      • Cyclic Simple Shear (up to 5Hz)
      • Cyclic Triaxial Shear (up to 5Hz)
    • Consolidation Testing
      • One-dimensional consolidation
      • One-dimensional swell/consolidation for expansive clay and rock
    • Permeability Testing
      • Constant Head Permeability (up to 19” specimens)
      • Combined settlement & Permeability
      • Flexible Wall Permeameter including Flow Pump testing
    • Construction Materials Testing
      • Chemical Stabilization of Soils
      • Concrete aggregates
      • Riprap
      • Granular Filter Materials
      • Dispersion/Erosion potential
      • Filter sand evaluations, including cementation potential
    Last Updated: 2/20/19