Download WinADV

  • WinADV32 - This is the newest 32-bit version for Windows 95/98/XP systems. wadv32.exe is a self-extracting ZIP file (~3.1 MB) containing all files needed to install WinADV. This version should run in Windows 7, but may be difficult to install, depending on how your Windows 7 environment is configured. If you have problems, try the MSI installer below.
  • WinADV32 (MSI installer) - This is a *.MSI installation kit that may work better for Windows 7. Download, unzip it, and install the .msi file (right-click in Windows Explorer). Note that this is version 2.028. I will try to get the *.msi setup kit updated soon.


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Last Updated: 6/19/16