Reclamation Safety Directory

Reclamation safety staff is spread throughout the organization. It is led by the Designated Agency Safety and Health Official through the Reclamation Safety and Health Office.

In addition, there are three safety committees; Diving Safety Advisory Board, Watercraft Safety Working Group, and Rope Access Board.

Designated Agency Safety and Health Official (DASHO)
Grayford Payne

Director, Mission Assurance and Protection Organization
Christopher Beardsley
PO Box 25007, 84-50000
Denver CO 80225

Manager, Preparedness Division
Scott Swanson
PO Box 25007, 84-52000
Denver CO 80225

Chief, Safety and Occupational Health Office
Charles "Buddy" Byrd
PO Box 25007, 84-52300
Denver CO 80225

Last Updated: 3/27/24