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I Care About Safety

"I Care about Safety."

Reclamation developed a Safety Action Plan with 21 teams of employees from across the employee and management spectrum to tackle specific areas of concern. The teams have completed their work. The team's many recommendations are being evaluated and linked.

Please use this site to learn about the current actions and recommendations of the 21 action teams and the implementation of their recommendations. Also use the useful links and information on this site to ensure a safe work site.

Stories & Media

  • Photo of Commissioner Brenda Burman presenting the Commissioner's Safety Award to Lower Colorado Region Regional Director Terry Fulp.

    Lower Colorado Region earns Commissioner’s Safety Award

    Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman recently awarded the Lower Colorado Region this year’s Commissioner’s Safety Award. The award is presented annually to the region that makes the greatest progress toward improving the safety of their facilities and exemplifying Reclamation’s vision statement of “I Care About Safety”. Read More  →

  • Safety Factor

    Safety Factor - May 2019

    The safety and health of employees, contractors, and visitors is critically important to accomplishing the Bureau of Reclamation mission. Reclamation’s safety and occupational health newsletter, The Safety Factor, is produced to increase safety and occupational health awareness, and to bring employee attention to related topics of interest. Read Newsletter →

  • Safety and Health Program

    Safety and Occupational Health Program Document

    To address several recommendations from the Safety Action Plan teams, we have developed the attached program guide to provide a general introduction to the various elements of Reclamation’s Safety and Occupational Health Program. The document is intended to help managers and staff throughout Reclamation have a better understanding of how all of the various elements fit together to form a comprehensive program for managing the risks and hazards which are present in our work environment. Download Document →

  • Feature

    Going the ‘extended distance’

    As part of their training, members of the Hoover Dam Police Department, Hoover Dam Fire Brigade and Rope Access Team participated in an activity that is not recommended for persons who are faint of heart, less than physically fit and perhaps, fearful of heights. Demonstrating proficiency in high-angle technical training, which includes properly donning safety equipment, setting anchors, managing ropes and rappelling extended distances, is an integral part of duties for the nine employees who participated. The 600-foot face of Hoover Dam is a perfect venue to challenge the employees and provide an opportunity to educate the public about the significance of the Bureau of Reclamation and Hoover Dam. Read More →

  • Video

    Lower Colorado Region - Safety Always

Safety at Reclamation

"Reclamation embraces safety excellence by empowering employees and integrating safety into our mission, achieving a culture which results in a safe environment for our employees, contractors, visitors and the public."

Team Reports

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Safety and Occupational Health Action Plan

Interior Evaluation of Reclamation Safety and Occupational Health Program

Safety and Occupational Health Program Document

Last Updated: 5/31/19