Chemical Treatment Technology for Removal of Selenium

Project ID: 9030
Principal Investigator: Katherine Guerra
Research Topic: Desalination and Water Treatment
Funded Fiscal Years: 2007 and 2008
Keywords: None

Research Question

* Can Reclamation's patented chemical treatment technology be developed as a cost-effective selenium removal process or as a polishing step for the biological selenium removal process?

Need and Benefit

Selenium is a problem in localized areas of the Western United States. Reclamation's patented ferrous hydroxide selenium water treatment technology has not found widespread application--primarily because of the large volumes of iron oxide sludge that this process generates. Biological selenium treatment is costly. There exists a need for a cost-effective and straightforward approach to solve this water treatment problem. An engineering scale water treatment technology requires laboratory experiments and bench scale efforts first.

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Last Updated: 6/22/20