Photogrammetry Users Group

Project ID: 4549
Principal Investigator: Matthew Klein
Research Topic: Water Resource Data Analysis
Funded Fiscal Years: 2016
Keywords: None

Research Question

Can Reclamation benefit by having a photogrammetry user's group to present projects and
share knowledge, ideas and suggestions?

Need and Benefit

Technology is growing at a rapid pace and with the accelerated advances in computing and
digital imaging, computer based photogrammetry is making 3D modeling from existing
surfaces much cheaper and quicker to generate with higher resolutions. This combined with the
ease of use, increases the number of applications for which photogrammetry can be used.
A user's group within Reclamation and including other Federal agencies, will help to spotlight
these different uses and make applying them to future projects that much easier. As a member
to Dr. Peterson's group, I found much value in observing other's projects and providing
feedback as well as being able to present my own project and see it from other's perspectives.
Reclamation knowledge and expertise will increase and the use of photogrammetry will become
widespread through the funding of this project. In addition, new techniques, software, hardware
and applications will be revealed. With greater use of photogrammetry, data sharing and
communication within Reclamation will be more accurate and understandable due to the spacial
relationship of the results. For instance, if someone is having a hard time explaining a problem
with their infrastructure to an engineer at TSC, the client can take some digital photogrammetric
pictures with a point-and-shoot camera or smartphone and the 3D model can be generated
with which to describe the problem, make measurements and/or calculate quantities without
requiring a special trip.

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Photogrammetry Users Group (final, PDF, 1.1MB)
By Matthew Klein
Publication completed on September 30, 2016

This report summarizes activities performed during the Photogrammetry Users Group webinars in FY2016.

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