Scoping Project for Salton Sea Windblown Playa Dust Modeling

Project ID: 22070
Principal Investigator: Angel Gutierrez
Research Topic: Ecosystem Needs
Funded Fiscal Years: 2022
Keywords: None

Research Question

This project is no longer proceeding.

This proposal is for a scoping project. It will aim to develop a more robust conducting proposal that will answer the question: What fraction of exposed playa at the Salton Sea should dust controls be applied to, and what should the design control efficiency be for the applied dust control measures?

It is expected that the future conducting project could answer this question by developing a model to simulate windblown dust at the Salton Sea. The California Air Resources Board, who the Reclamation project team will partner with, has proposed to use a CALPUFF Lagrangian dispersion model for this effort. For the scoping project, which is proposed in response to this FY22 Call for Proposals, researchers will complete a literature review to develop the strategy and methodology for the future development of a dust dispersion model at the Salton Sea. The team will also conduct outreach to identify subject matter experts in the field of dispersion modeling to partner with Reclamation. This includes outreach with other Reclamation regions, and with the Reclamation Technical Service Center, who likely has expertise that could be used for the modeling portion of the future conducting project.

The expected outcome for the scoping project is that the project team will be able to submit a robust conducting proposal in response to the FY23 Call for Proposals, with a detailed research strategy and methodology developed, as well as firm partners that could provide cash or in-kind contributions.

Need and Benefit

This proposal was coordinated with Jennifer Bountry (Research Area Coordinator) and Lindsay Bearup (Research Category Coordinator). It will allow the team to research and prepare a conducting proposal next year to model windblown playa at the Salton Sea. This will help Reclamation and project partners develop best practices to manage exposed Sea playa and support environmental restoration efforts at the Sea.

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Last Updated: 6/22/20