Modeling Riverine Pool Temperature Stratification and Reservoir Selective Withdrawal for Fish Spawning and Rearing Habitat

Project ID: 21075
Principal Investigator: Yong Lai
Research Topic: Ecosystem Needs
Funded Fiscal Years: 2021, 2022 and 2023
Keywords: None

Research Question

The questions this proposed research are addressing include the following:

• Can existing Reclamation 3D model U2RANS be extended to create an advanced high-order temperature model for simulating complex thermal processes?
• Can 3D temperature processes, such as thermal stratification in deep pools and selective withdrawal at reservoirs through temperature control devices, be predicted reliably?
• Can a science-based approach be used to determine the needed summer baseflow release to create and maintain deep pool thermal stratification to benefit fish spawning and rearing habitat?
• Can the summer release be lowered so that not only the river temperature is maintained at the required cool level but the thermal stratification in pools are also maintained to provide holding habitat for adult salmon?

Need and Benefit

Improve understanding of operational effects on salinity, temperature, oxygen, turbidity and nutrient levels in flow releases, and in-reservoir biological and geo-chemical (contaminants) processes

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Last Updated: 6/22/20