Cost and Performance Evaluation of Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) Desalination of Brackish Agricultural Drainage Water and Groundwater

Project ID: 21026
Principal Investigator: Luis Cruzado
Research Topic: Agriculture Water Supplies
Funded Fiscal Years: 2021 and 2022
Keywords: None

Research Question

Desalination of brackish (moderate salinity - 1,000 to 10,000 mg/L TDS) water sources is needed to augment conventional water supplies and manage salinity in many arid regions. This project will evaluate advanced electrodialysis reversal (EDR) as an alternative technology to reverse osmosis (RO) for the desalination of brackish agricultural drainage water (ADW) and groundwater (GW). The results of this project will be critical to USBR's Yuma Desalting Plant in Yuma, Arizona, and applicable to other areas considering desalination of brackish water sources.

Need and Benefit

This project was developed in coordination with Yuliana Porras-Mendoza, S&T Program Research Coordinator, and Nathaniel Gee. This project addresses need statement 4, by using EDR to treat impaired brackish groundwater and ADW. The proposed research builds upon research conducted by Magna Imperio Systems in cooperation with UTEP and USBR at BGNDRF, and four recent DWPR projects investigating EDR. A description of how the research builds on previous work is included in the ‘previous work' section.

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Last Updated: 6/22/20