Development and Refinement of Rotor Turning Device for Safer and More Efficient Maintenance and Diagnostic Tasks

Project ID: 21006
Principal Investigator: Jacob Lapenna
Research Topic: Improved Power Generation
Funded Fiscal Years: 2021, 2022 and 2023
Keywords: None

Research Question

What is the best way to construct and supply a rotor turning device for large scale adoption across Reclamation's regions and facilities, and the industry at large?

Need and Benefit

There are many reasons to slowly and precisely turn a rotor within a generator or pump motor. Many useful diagnostic tests require rotor rotation, including air gap and, eventually, rotor mounted corona mapping. In addition to these diagnostic tests, other tasks such as bearing alignment, rotor balance, and machine erecting procedures often require precise turning of the rotor within its bore.

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Last Updated: 6/22/20