Best Practices for Mussel Control and Mitigation at Hydropower and Water Delivery Facilities

Project ID: 1876
Principal Investigator: Sherri Pucherelli
Research Topic: Invasive Species
Funded Fiscal Years: 2018 and 2019
Keywords: None

Research Question

The goal of this research is to compile currently used technology and techniques for the control of invasive mussels at hydropower and water delivery facilities. The approach involves case studies across multiple agencies to identify effective technologies and strategies that have been used in order to share this information with Federal and State agencies as well as impacted stakeholders. This effort will provide facility managers with information and options to be used for planning purposes in the case that invasive mussels are detected at their facility. Mussel control and mitigation techniques are site specific and dependent upon facility design and operation, and a survey of a variety of impacted facilities across the United States may uncover techniques that can be implemented at a diverse range of Reclamation facilities.

Need and Benefit

Invasive mussels are spreading throughout the western United States and Reclamation hydropower and water management facilities are at risk. A compilation of case studies related to invasive mussel control technologies and techniques will provide facility managers with a list of options, contacts, and cost estimates that will help them better prepare for the impacts of a mussel infestation. Reclamation has invested a significant amount of time and resources into developing control technologies. Despite this effort most technologies are only applicable for a limited range of sites, and a more comprehensive list of proven control options are needed to cover Reclamation's wide range of needs. A compilation of currently used mussel control options is not available and would have benefits beyond Reclamation.

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Research Products

Bureau of Reclamation Review

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Case Studies: Impact and Control of Invasive Mussels at Hydropower Plants (final, PDF, 1.8MB)
By Sherri Pucherelli, Renata Claudi, Thomas Prescott, Leonard Willett, and Tony Van Oostrom
Report completed on March 31, 2021

This research product summarizes the research results and potential application to Reclamation's mission.

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