Finite Element Modeling of Corrosion of Reclamation Dam, Pipeline, and Water Storage Infrastructure

Project ID: 1720
Principal Investigator: Christine Henderson
Research Topic: Repair and Maintenance
Funded Fiscal Years: 2017
Keywords: None

Research Question

Can finite element modeling (FEM) be used to enhance the capabilities of the Materials and Corrosion Laboratory for implementation of corrosion based materials and models in Reclamation wide infrastructure predictions and design?

Need and Benefit

Reclamation's primary mission is safe delivery of power and water to the Western regions of the United States. To do this Reclamation spends a great deal of time designing, modeling and updating current and new infrastructure. Part of this approach involves modeling to understand and predict infrastructure behavior under various conditions. Corrosion plays a huge role in current infrastructure replacement and repair. It is of importance to find a method to include the principles and effects of corrosion in the prediction and estimation of infrastructure behavior. Thus Reclamation needs updated modeling capabilities that include the predominant effects corrosion has on infrastructural performance.
This corrosion modeling will benefit Reclamation by providing a more expansive framework of information to use in material/structural decisions along with re-evaluation of risk associated with current infrastructure behavior in various conditions.

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Research Products

Bureau of Reclamation Review

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Numerical Modeling of Corrosion and Cathodic Protection for Reclamation Water Storage and Conveyance Infrastructure (final, PDF, 834KB)
By Kelly Ramaeker, Atousa Plaseied
Report completed on September 30, 2017

This research product summarizes the research results and potential application to Reclamation's mission.

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