Standard Guidelines for Methods, Practices, and Instrumentation Used to Evaluate Diversion Dam Intake Structures and Their Components

Project ID: 1164
Principal Investigator: Connie Svoboda
Research Topic: Fish Passage and Entrainment
Funded Fiscal Years: 2005
Keywords: None

Research Question

What methods, procedures, and instrumentation should be used during field evaluations of pumps intakes, fish screens, fish passage structures, louver systems, and trashracks to most efficiently determine compliance with fisheries criteria in order to maintain reliable water deliveries to our stakeholders?

Need and Benefit

In order to maintain reliable water deliveries to our stakeholders, Reclamation must comply with federal and state fisheries criteria at diversion dam intake structures and their components. Reclamation currently conducts field measurement evaluations with specialized equipment at diversion facilities used for irrigation, power generation, and water supply. Various structures such as pump intakes, fish screens, fish passage structures, louver systems, and trashracks must meet required criteria in order to continue uninterrupted operations and meet stakeholder obligations.

Field evaluations are regularly conducted in all of Reclamation's regions to determine whether structures at diversion dams operate according to federal and state fisheries criteria.
Reclamation does not currently have guidelines of standard field practices. This research project will include a comprehensive three-part evaluation of standard field practices and provide guidelines for field techniques and instrumentation to streamline data collection methods within Reclamation and throughout the community.

Benefits of this research project include improving our efficiency by gathering together information into a standard set of guidelines. Guidelines will provide a quick resource for determining the best test methods and instruments for efficient data collection. A cost savings will be realized by preventing unnecessary or repetivite field testing.

The guidelines will have Bureau-wide application for diversion structures with varying components in regions with different federal and state fisheries criteria. These guidelines will benefit field technicians and engineers in efficiently collecting field data and will also benefit water managers by helping them make operational decisions based on compliance with criteria.

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Last Updated: 6/22/20