Henrys Fork Basin Study Interim Report

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07/2013 Henrys Fork Basin Special Study Interim Report PDF 937 kb
  Appendix A: Water Needs Assessment PDF 3.09 mb
  Appendix B: New Surface Storage Alternatives, Dam Raise Alternatives, Teton Dam Storage Alternative PDF 14.84 mb
  Appendix C: Managed Recharge Alternatives PDF 2.69 mb
  Appendix D: Preliminary Water Market Analysis PDF 189 kb
  Appendix E: Conservation Alternatives, Municipal Water Conservation Measures and New Non-Potable Water Supply Options PDF 4.92 mb
**To see the Technical Series Reports individually with comments and responses visit: http://www.usbr.gov/pn/programs/studies/idaho/henrysfork/techrept/index.html


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Bureau of Reclamation
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