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The Upper Deschutes River Basin in central Oregon includes the Deschutes River, Crooked River, and Whychus Creek systems. Surface water in the Upper Deschutes River basin has been almost fully allocated since the early 1900s, primarily for agricultural uses. Prior studies assessed projected water supplies and demands through 2050 and indicated an overall 230,000 acre-foot unmet annual average demand, including agricultural, instream flow, and groundwater (municipal) needs.

Building off of these efforts, Reclamation and the Deschutes Basin Study Work Group (BSWG), through an agreement between Reclamation and the Deschutes Basin Board of Control (DBBC), will complete the Upper Deschutes River Basin Study (Basin Study). Reclamation and DBBC are each responsible for 50 percent of the study costs; a grant from the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) is funding the non-Federal share. The objectives of the Basin Study are to:

  • Develop a comprehensive analysis of water supply and demand, integrating and updating the analyses to account for climate change
  • Analyze how existing operations and infrastructure will perform under the projected future water supply conditions and demands
  • Develop and evaluate options for addressing identified water imbalances
  • Complete analysis to compare relative cost, environmental impact, risk, stakeholder response, and other common attributes of identified options

While the study will not propose any specific project, program, or plan, it will provide a current and broadly-shared basis for future water management in the basin. A communication and outreach plan will be developed and implemented to engage and inform the public and others. Please send questions, comments, and suggestions to bor-pnr-udbasinstudy@usbr.gov.

Upper Deschutes Basin Study Documents
10/2017 Oregon Spotted Frog and Deschutes Redband Trout Habitat Modeling and Riparian Analysis at Two Sites on the Upper Deschutes River PDF 862 kb
07/2017 Crooked River - Diversion Gaging Memo Technical Memorandum PDF 862 kb
01/2017 Task 6 - Groundwater Mitigation under the Deschutes Basin Groundwater Mitigation Program; A Summary of Projected Supply and Demand PDF 5.30 mb
12/2016 Upper Crooked River Basin - SNOTEL Memo PDF 698 kb
10/2016 Task 2, Part 2 - Water Right, Legal & Policy Opportunities and Impediments for Stored Water, Forebearance, Instream Flow Protection and Mitigation PDF 399 kb
06/2016 Task 5 - Water Right Opportunities and Impediments for New or Expanded Reservoir Storage PDF 4.04 mb
07/2016 Basin Study Program Semi-Annual Basin Study Status Report PDF 514 kb
02/2016 Basin Study Program Semi-Annual Basin Study Status Report PDF 172 kb
10/2015 Upper Deschutes River Basin Study Project Management Plan PDF 313 kb
07/2015 Basin Study Program Semi-Annual Basin Study Status Report PDF 33 kb
04/2015 Memorandum of Agreement / Plan of Study PDF 1.60 mb
01/2015 Basin Study Program Semi-Annual Basin Study Status Report PDF 140 kb
12/2014 Upper Deschutes River Basin Study Factsheet PDF 140 kb
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