Boise/Payette Water Storage Assessment Study

Image of Boise Valley, IdahoIn Idaho, water demands (including domestic, commercial, municipal, industrial, and agricultural needs; as well as fish recovery and other Endangered Species Act requirements) are constantly growing and will quickly surpass the available water supply in the Boise and Payette River basins without proper long term planning. To meet these future needs, water management agencies have focused on improving water management as well as exploring potential for new storage.

Reclamation, in concert with a Stakeholder Work Group, has completed a comprehensive Boise/Payette Storage Assessment study to identify additional water storage opportunities to meet an array of water needs in the Boise/Payette River basins. Eight “areas of opportunity” have been identified that have viable potential for further appraisal/feasibility study investigations. These “areas of opportunity” mainly focused on those sites which could have new or enhanced storage capabilities, including new on stream and off stream reservoir storage facilities, and retrofitting of existing reservoir facilities.

The next step in the planning process is to complete an appraisal level study, which would be a more detailed level of specific impact analysis prior to a feasibility/environmental impact level of study. To accomplish this next step a 50:50 cost share partner must come forward. Currently, Reclamation has some limited funds available to accomplish these next two steps.

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11/2008 The Effects of Climate Change on the Operation of Boise River Reservoirs PDF 528 kb
07/2006 Final Boise/Payette Water Storage Assessment Report PDF 9.95 mb
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Areas of Opportunity Map PDF 1.8 mb
Storage Assessment Site Map PDF 580 kb
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Selena Moore
Study Manager
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Bureau of Reclamation
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Last Updated: 10/10/23